Book Club Host with the Most

4th March 2024

It’s your turn to host your book club, so let us furnish you with the best book club hosting tips and supplies to take the stress off. Become the host with the most with our top recommendations for an easy, enjoyable and relaxing gathering – Emma after all is a real hostess at heart.

A book club is a fun way to make a hobby into a social occasion. Gather with your friends over nibbles and a bottle of something delicious (make sure you’ve got the glassware to go with) and share your thoughts on your collective read. And when your turn comes around to host, you’ll know all the tricks in the book from our easy book club hosting guide. 

Book Club Hosting Tips & Ideas

Decide on what time of day you’re gathering. A book club brunch is a lovely idea, serve juices in floral glass tumblers with fruit and warm pastries for a particular chic gathering.

Emma Britton Set of 4 Crystal Glass Tumblers

Alternatively, a mid-afternoon book, tea and cake combination is always a good idea. Stock up on a selection of herbal teas (Earl Grey is Emma’s favourite) and pour into mis-matched or vintage tea cups. A bright, floral tray makes serving lots of drinks easy too.


If your book club is an evening affair, cheese platters with wine is a must. Our go-to, easy drinking red is an Italian frizzante from San Martino Wine. Of course served in Emma’s pretty floral wine glasses.


Easy hosting is all in the preparation. Choose dishes that can be prepared beforehand and served just as you all sit down. Grazing boards are all the rage at the minute and are great suggestion for book clubs. Finger foods and nibbles that don’t require cutlery work best, and it means less washing up afterwards too!


A drinks station is also a nice idea for casual gatherings like book clubs. Set out your favourite decorative wine glass set, tumblers or tea cups alongside a selection of drinks. Your guests can then help themselves to what they like, when they like. 

Finally, set your scene. Candles and fresh flowers can transform living rooms and kitchens into cosy, and welcoming spaces. You could even go on-theme with your book’s genre. Choose colourful florals for a summer read or rich, scented candles for something a little darker. The Great British Bee Co make lovely beeswax candles that are great for creating ambience.

So, gather your friends, choose your book, and get reading! And when you’re in need of the best glassware for entertaining, head straight over to Emma’s shop. 

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