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  • Pickering’s Gin – perfect for pairing with Emma Britton Gin Glasses

Pickering’s Gin - perfect for pairing with Emma Britton Gin Glasses

10th October 2020

Pickering's Gin and Emma Britton Silver Birch Gin Glasses

. We’ve recently enjoyed a lovely collaboration on Instagram, pairing Emma Britton Silver Birch Gin Glasses with Pickering’s “Forget-Me-Not” Gin to celebrate its launch in a new 50cl size.

If you missed it, there’s another generous offer from the brand here, giving you 20% off any gin purchase with code ‘EMMABRITTON’.

Thoughtful Christmas Gift with Pickering’s Gin

Pickering’s “Forget-Me-Not” Gin and Emma Britton Silver Birch design Gin Glasses are a perfect pairing for our times, and make a thoughtful Christmas gift this year.

People traditionally gift Forget-Me-Nots in the hope recipients won’t forget the giver, which steeps this gin in sentiment. Especially at a time when so many people can’t see far-flung friends and loved ones. Celtic Mythology suggests that the Silver Birch represents new beginnings and protection. These are the perfect glasses to hold tight for better times ahead. Especially when they are filled with “Forget-Me-Not” Gin.

More about Pickering’s Gin

Pickering’s Gin is based on an original 1947 recipe and features nine Bombay botanicals. This creates their famous full-bodied flavour with perfect bitter-sweet balance.

Believe it or not, this multi-award winning gin only came into being in 2013. Founders, Matt Pickering and Marcus Gammell built the Summerhall distillery in the heart of Edinburgh. The first of its kind for over 150 years. 

With no background in distilling and an inherited recipe to build upon, everyone told them they couldn’t do it. However, their tenacity to try, test, experiment and become experts has earned them the credibility and title of ‘The Botanical Engineers’ of a very fine craft gin brand indeed.