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  • Midweek Treat – Served with Emma’s Gardener’s Trays

Midweek Treat - Served with Emma's Gardener's Trays

19th January 2023

Midweek Treat - Chard Gardener's Tray

Midweek Treat? How about these flatbreads? Recipe below from our foodie friend Ghillie James, do check out her instagram and website. Served here on Emma’s Chard Gardener’s Tray, would also look nice with the Cabbage design.

Flatbreads are so easy and can be filled or served with salads, kebabs, hummus, tzatziki..the options are endless. This is a simple minced lamb kebab (lamb, grated onion and garlic, cumin, feta and some herbs) and a dip of yogurt, grated beetroot and mint. All wrapped up in a warm flatbread. Give it a go!! You can tailor this recipe depending on if you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater.

For the flatbreads:

Just mix 350g self raising flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder and about 3 heaped tbsp yogurt. Add a drizzle of oil and a grinding of salt then combine and knead till smooth. You might need a dash of water but remember the longer you need the more it comes together. Then roll out thin ovals and dry fry over a high heat till golden on both side.

Enjoy this fresh and tasty midweek treat!