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  • A Taste of the Tropics – Tropical Splashback Case Study

A Taste of the Tropics - Tropical Splashback Case Study

17th March 2023

My clients for this bespoke glass tropical splashback had a very clear brief for their design. They wanted a splashback for the existing kitchen in the English home they were moving to after living in Singapore for 25 years.

My client Sally inspired me with photographs of the botanical gardens she had enjoyed walking in every day in Singapore. She loved the Heliconia’s and lush foliage and asked me to capture these into a very personal, evocative splashback design. As well as bring in her love of colour to the otherwise plain kitchen she’d inherited, and special details like the gecko and tree frog!

This was an uplifting and exotic splashback design to create.  A stunning single glass panel for above the worktop where the design flows really beautifully.

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My skill as a designer is translating what you have in mind for your splashback into a real design beyond your imagination, but exactly right for you and your room. Sally’s splashback is testament to my process of working together to create something wonderful. And how I work on all bespoke splashback design commissions.

“Emma has just designed me an amazing bespoke splashback. From the original zoom consultation to the numerous updates and decisions re: artwork, colours etc it has been an easy and enjoyable experience. The splashback is exactly what I wanted and everyone who has seen it comments on how amazing it is” Sally

Sally who commissioned this stunning splashback kindly answered a few questions about the process of working with me on the design and installation:

What were the main things you wanted to achieve with a splashback by Emma Britton?

There was a basic kitchen in the home we we’re moving to in England that we weren’t going to change, it was of a quality too good to take out just not quite to our taste. We’d lived in Singapore for 25 years and had just come back, we were doing the house up and I wanted to bring in a bit of the tropics we were so used too into it.

I’d saved Emma’s website for years and had put it in an email to myself. I thought the idea I had for my splashback was something she could make for us. We really wanted to personalise the kitchen, and bring a little bit of where we’d been living into our English home.

Why did you choose to commission a bespoke splashback design?

The whole point our splashback was to do something personal. I used to walk in the botanic gardens of Singapore every day and the vibrancy of the colour, the heliconia’s in particular, were something I wanted to bring with me. It never occurred to me to go for something off the shelf, so to speak. I had such a clear vision I wanted Emma to design for me.

How was the process of commissioning a splashback and working with Emma?

I sent Emma lots of photographs and she sent me numerous samples to look at.  My original photographs for inspiration were very dense, too much foliage, too much of everything really – and that’s where her designer, artistic eye came into it. I had what I thought I wanted in my head, but Emma said simplify the look for the splashback design and it will be more dramatic. The suggestions she made were right.

The main things we kept going back to were getting the colours right, the shades had to be absolutely right. I also particularly wanted a gecko in the design as this is something we had a lot of in Singapore. We had some discussions around how this would look and worked through a couple of versions of the drawing. My husband threw in that he wanted a little tree frog at the last minute, that Emma very ably included. These are the things everyone picks out when they really look at the design, but they don’t jump out at you straight away – it makes it fun.

The glass is beautiful in one complete piece for the worktop, no joins or sections which is nice.  Getting the measurements right and the socket cut outs placed correctly was crucial. I’m glad Emma sent someone to measure the space properly!

Splashback Installation

Emma’s fitting team installed the splashback and had to take off the side switches to make it possible to slide the glass into place. Things that would never have occurred to me around fitting. It was all very efficient and all worked very well.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Now my kitchen is finished, I’ve popped accessories on the work surface to really bring out the colours in the splashback. It looks completely different to when it was first fitted with my things around it in the room, and right at home. It looks so pretty at night in particular.

My splashback is the one thing that everybody that comes to the house comments on. It’s very much a statement in what would otherwise be a very boring kitchen. Having something so striking and personal in it has made a big difference. 

I love colour, my sofas are bee pollen yellow! When I go to other peoples houses they seem very muted and sensible. You’ve got to be true to yourself though, and I’m really pleased with our splashback from Emma as it reflects what we like.

I’d recommend Emma. It really is worth investing your money into something so special for your home.

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