At first glance you might think 'Emma Britton' is one person and whilst I don't have a team who come into the studio 9 - 5 everyday, I work closely with a photographer, glass fitter and web developer on a daily basis. These fantastic individuals along with my lovely suppliers are all part of this decorative patterned glass company.
My inspiration comes from the patterns found in nature placed alongside the everyday of the man-made world while also being influenced by a typically British quirkiness. Ideas often come from simple beauty in everyday life, things that others might often miss, such as a cheeky foxglove peering over a garden wall or a charming colour palette on a front door.
I set up my business in June 2010 with an Enterprise Grant after working in the glass industry and completing a degree in Printed Textile Design from Loughborough University. Indeed my enthusiasm for working with glass as a product has enabled me to establish a fresh niche in the market appealing to those who wish to bring an attractive originality to their interior d├ęcor. With both in-house facilities and contacts from leading companies in the glass industry I am also able to develop new approaches and techniques to glass design with expert support.